BloomReach Intelligent Balloon

Two become one yet familiar still

BloomReach acquired Hippo at the tail end of 2016. Two identities had to merge yet be recognizable and unique enough on its own. The competitive landscape also ushered radical thinking. Ultimately, the company went a different direction but it was still a defining moment in my approach to design.

Abstract demands an open mind

Bold &

Yup, that's the brief. Wasn't easy trying to walk the line between the two. Figured an airy ambiance with daring visuals and copy would do the trick.

Open & Intelligent

The attributes to the Digital Experience Platform seemed even more befitting the brilliance of the people. A human-centric approach felt right.

Not Just Artificial

Rather than pointlessly feeding into the AI buzz and run into trouble, we strategically banked on Thought Leadership. Intelligence has an animate origin.

Same but Different

Indentifiable was the key. Going back to original ideas wasn't done out of laziness. Nor was it unchanged. Both identities were meld with a modern take.

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