Fingerspitzengefuhl helps businesses in Germany

Willkommen, come on in!

Fingerspitzengefül guides businesses that are venturing into Germany for the first time. They needed help with their site and additional work done on identity. I particularly enjoyed applying concepts that worked for both Marketing and User Experience.

A little smile goes a long way, as illustrated.

the Talk

Design isn't just figures and fonts, language matters for a cohesive brand experience. The right Tone-of-Voice can work wonders by giving personality and reaching the correct audience.

the Walk

It helps to build a narrative to which people can relate, and in this case it's setting up shop. I drew friendly personas to visually complement. Native elements such as clothing gave it a localized feel.

Fingerspitzengefuhl entering Germany
Fingerspitzengef¨hl welcome to Germany

the Word

Couldn't get this title to rhyme, but got the code to sing. Built with Zurb's Foundation and custom CSS with nifty little tricks for visual elements and responsiveness, then carried over to WordPress.

[Sietse's] combination of code-knowledge and his design-eye are a great and unique match.
Eva Hoefsloot, Former Marketing Communications Manager Fingerspitzengefül
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