A stone's throw away from change

Paper On The Rocks makes notebooks, or Rockbooks, from stone. I couldn't stay on because of personal problems, but recall pouring my heart and soul into this one. They've evolved since then, and I wish them nothing but good luck.

From clean slate to blank canvas and round it goes

my dear

The books were made from stone paper, so I didn't have to dig deep. Inspired by nature's own, I built the identity upon Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorpheous rocks along with other geological phenomena.

Forever core

Looking beyond a mark, I wanted to create a lasting symbol. Starting with a heart of diamond, the logo grows and forms new crystaline rings, denoting progress, resilience, and a bloomin' tree 😛. A little ironic now.

Paper On The Rocks Rockbook Hardcover Slate color
Paper On The Rocks Rockbook Limited Edition Grand Canyon

Volunteer Pioneer

Those limited editions? They're drawn by hand along with countless other hours of labor (of love). But purpose and craft have their rewards, and I did it gladly. Hopefully it has shown.

Sisyphean task?

Nothing sissy about this uphill undertaking. But still pretty insane to go up against a dying industry within a tech-biased world. But it's the crazy ones that make a difference.

Via Giphy Thank You
Via Giphy

You've been great!

Thanks, you've been great!