Light Budget, Hefty Results

Another country, another startup. Red light therapy isn’t new or unique, but uncommon knowledge. Where Recharge Health’s FlexBeam differs is its portable design. However, lackluster sales and unclear branding proved dire. This was an exercise of frugality and perseverance.

Turning dim prospects into brilliant success

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Despite a successful Indiegogo campaign, Recharge was a small player limited by resources. Our primary goal was to boost online sales, but my path to success became quite multifaceted.


Before diving in, I conducted a series of user journeys to evaluate our website, always keeping the first two stages of the Growth Funnel in mind. I concluded that there were major issues with untapped potential right in front of us.

Recharge Health FlexBeam white
FlexBeam made for the body


Our UX enhancements led to high-conversion landing pages, a streamlined checkout, targeted ads, revamped packaging, a cohesive social media presence, and behind-the-scenes code optimizations.


While it didn't happen overnight, the results were nothing short of remarkable – our sales surged by an impressive 300%, thanks to a more defined and compelling brand identity.

Recharge site home hero
Recharge woman yoga flexbeam shoulder ad
Recharge woman in bed flexbeam spine ad
Recharge site home hero seasonal
Recharge Ad Flexbeam man stomach
Recharge Black Friday Creatives Collaboration
Recharge home redesign process
Recharge home redesign process
Recharge App Concept
Recharge Australia launch carousel
Recharge FlexBeam Pain Management Guide
Recharge FlexBeam vs competition
Recharge user journey process
Recharge Light Journal
Recharge Retail Packaging
Recharge Recover Faster Poster
Recharge Black Friday countdown
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Recharge cart revamp
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