Ubier white label beer

Bring your own beer

Pens and mugs are so passé. What you need is your own brew. Ubier does just that – get your brand on white label beer and turn heads during social gatherings, or even get them spinning afterwards. This project was neither large nor complicated, but I enjoyed the simplicity of it all. From a simple logo request, I gave Ubier a proper sendoff with a starter identity.

Overt simplicity vs oversimplicity


Originally named "Bierme", it just didn't sit right but wasn't set in stone. Upon suggestion, we landed on something that'll resonate.


Sure, I have a love for illustrations but only if the shoe fits. Understated allows for adaptability and longer shelf life.

Space &

Using the Golden Ratio, I constucted a strong silhouette with negative space for visual balance and curiosity. Resultingly industrial whilst playful.


Pink would've been strange. And there's nothing wrong with going obvious. I mean, it's beer dude, what other color would be fitting?

Ubier Logo Vertical
Ubier Logo Construction
Ubier Logo Margins
Ubier Identity Image Styles
Ubier Identity Typography Fonts
Ubier Identity Colors
Ubier Identity Image
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